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Congress Overview

19th ARAHE Biennial International Congress 2017


: 6-10 August 2017・Tokyo Japan


: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center


: Tradition and Innovation: Home Economics Challenges for Sustainable Living

 In modern times, remarkable technological innovations have enabled our lives to be more convenient, leading many people to live in prosperity. While we have certainly benefitted from these technological innovations, we cannot deny their detrimental effects on people’s well-being, such as the reduction in diversity in people’s lifestyles and the disappearance of traditional national/local cultures. Moreover, some of the people needing this technology may not have access to it, creating inequality among people.
 Considering this background, in this conference, we would like to explore how technology can be effectively incorporated into our daily lives—for instance, in the form of technological innovations in food, clothing, and shelter—by taking traditional lifestyles and cultures into account along with extremely advanced robotics and IT technology to support our lives.
 Based on this knowledge, we would like to discuss how to work toward sustainable development wherein vulnerable groups, such as older people, disaster victims, and poverty-stricken people, can take equal advantage of technological innovation and improve their well-being.

Congress Program

ARAHE Biennial International Congress
Since being founded in 1983, ARAHE has held a biennial international congress. ARAHE congresses have been well attended by participants from member countries and have also attracted many participants from non-Asian countries. The inaugural ARAHE congress was held in Japan. Since then, each Asian member country has had the honour of hosting the congress.