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Welcome Message

We are very happy to invite all ARAHE members and all home economists around the world to the 19th ARAHE Biennial International Congress.
We, by which I mean all Asian people, are now facing various problems caused by rapid industrialization and globalization. Our new technology has changed our lives greatly and our traditions and cultural identities are being forgotten or lost. Nevertheless, we still retain certain traditional ways of living because of their effectiveness.
It is time for us to consider what we have done in the past and what we should do in the future in terms of tradition and innovation in order to achieve sustainable living in this changing world.
The theme of this Congress is "Tradition and Innovation: Home Economics Challenges for Sustainable Living".
It is our hope that we will be able to discuss this theme with all Congress participants and to develop strategies to tackle the various problems related to this theme.
We believe that Tokyo, which is always changing but also maintains various traditions, is a most suitable place to discuss this theme.
We are looking forward to discussing this important theme with all of you at the 19th ARAHE Biennial International Congress 2017.