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Guideline For Abstract Submission

19th ARAHE Biennial International Congress 2017
6-10 August 2017 Tokyo Japan

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts

The Organizing Committee of the 19th ARAHE Biennial International Congress 2017 invites the submission of abstracts under the Congress theme

Congress theme

Tradition and Innovation: Home Economics Challenges for Sustainable Living

Submission Deadlines

1 September 2016  Opening date for submission of abstracts
31 December 2016  Closing date for submission of abstracts
28 February 2017  Notification of acceptance of abstracts
Note: Make sure that we do not accept any new proposals or changes beyond those periods.

All proposals for both oral and poster presentations require submission of an abstract on website of Presentation Proposal linked to this file.
Prepare the following information in advance.
Presentation title, English abstract, keywords, all authors names and affiliations, phone number, E-mail address and full postal address of contact person

Presentation Proposal

You can propose presentation from web site.


Click “Presentation Proposal”.
Please do not use the “Back” or “Forward” buttons of your browser. 
Enter Presentation Information, and Presenters Information, and Click “Next”.
Time-out could happen automatically, when registration will not be completed within 60 minutes.
You must fill the box of required field marked with *. As for the word of office in the box, you can remove it and write your information.

Presentation Information

Classification: pull down and select


1. Information and Technology for Living
2. Children and Families in Society
3. Nutrition and Food Science
4. Closing and Designs
5. Housing and Environment
6. Consumers and Sustainable Development
7. Home Economics Education
8. Health and Well-being
9. Government and Public Policies

Types of presentation: pull down and select

*Oral presentation
*Poster presentation

Presentation title: Limited to 20 words

Text should not exceed 2400 characters(Chars), including acknowledgements. Figures, graphs, images, tables and diagrams should not be included. You can check the number of characters by “Chars” near the box. Only tag(s) in SUB(Subscript), SUP(Superscript), I(Italics), B(Bold), U(Underline), BR(New line). The button of html is useful when you would like to check the html tag.

Abstracts should be clearly state the following

  • Aim: state the rationale or hypothesis followed by objectives
  • Method(s):briefly discuss the design of the study/program and how it was conducted.
  • Results/Findings: present the main results with appropriate statistics/data analysis and pertinent discussion.
  • Conclusion: limit the conclusions to those that are directly supported by the Results

Affiliation Count: Enter number of affiliations for all presenters and click “change Number”.
Affiliation detail: department, institution, city, state, country

Presenter Count: Enter number of presenters and click ‘change number’.
First Name and Middle Name, and Family Name

The presenting author
Presenting author: Check the number of presenting author.

Keyword Count: Include 3-5 key words. Enter number of key words and click ‘change number.

Contact Person
Select first author or presenting author.Contact person should be either first author or presenting author.
First Name and Middle Name, and Family Name
Affiliation details: department, institution, city, state, country
Full postal address
Phone number
Email: re-enter is required.
password: re-enter is required.
Confirm the information, and click “submit”.
If you want to cancel the registration, please click “cancel”.
If you want to check the submission, you will be able to check the content from “My Page” by using your proposal ID and password. You should keep your proposal ID and password, proposal ID will be informed in the display after submission. When you enter “My Page”, you can click “Updated Presentation Proposal”, “Printer-friendly Page”, “Withdraw Presentation” and “Change Password”, if you need.

About presentation

Oral presentation

  • A 20 minutes presentation (including time for questions) will be scheduled.

Poster presentation

  • Size of the poster should be A0 size or within 85 cm × 160 cm.
  • Authors will be required to be present with their posters at Congress for a specified for discussion of their posters. Specifications for posters will be confirmed upon acceptance.

All presentations

  • A individual should only submit one abstracts as a first author.
  • Presentation will be selected on the basis of merit and relevance to the field of home economics and to the Congress theme.
  • All papers must be previously unpublished.
  • Contact person must register and pay a full Congress registration by 30 April 2017 or the paper/presentation will be removed from the program.

  2017 or the paper/presentation will be removed from the program.