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Concurrent Session

ORAL PRESENTATION 1 (Monday, August 7, 2017)

Children and Families in Society
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


MOA01 Investigation of the Implications of Single Parenting on Teenagers Education in Gumine, Papua New Guinea. Mitchel KALE Papua New Guinea
MOA02 Marginal Survival:Research on the Girls Education of Migrant Family----Perspectives from Feminism Shaoli JING China
MOA03 What makes children creative?: The influence of children?temperament and family environment Ji Hyun KIM Korea
MOA04 Understanding the mediating role of coparenting in the relationship between parenting self-efficacy and
positive parenting style in dual-earner families.
Hyungmin LEE Korea
MOA05 Factor Associated with Custodial Parents' Post-Divorce Difficulty in South Korea Based on Gender Miai SUNG Korea

Clothing and Design
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


16:00~16:20 MOB01 Representation of female cross-dressing seen through the police ordinance in 19th century France Iho NIIMI Japan
16:20~16:40 MOB02 Practical use of Learning Management System in Formal Dress-Making Sanae TANAKA Japan
16:40~17:00 MOB03 A Study on the Education of Sustainable Apparel Consumption for Adolescents Mi Young SON Korea
17:00~17:20 MOB04 The Effect of Computer Aided Fashion Design Competence, Work Motivation, Entrepreneurship,
and Production Unit, on Work Preparedness of Students into Fashion Industry
Marniati Marniati UDIN HAPID Indonesia
17:20~17:40 MOB05 Effect of vapor permeability and opening design of outdoor parka on its water vapor transfer and ventilation rate Yayoi SATSUMOTO Japan
17:40~18:00 MOB06 Effects of a simulated shelter in a gymnasium on sleep and bed climate in children Kazue OKAMOTO-MIZUNO Japan

Home Economics Education
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


16:00~16:20 MOC01 Income Allocation, Financial Problems, and Coping Strategies of UP Jeepney Drivers Aurora Suarez LLIGE Philippines
16:20~16:40 MOC02 Influence of home economics teachers' personal life experiences on curriculum orientation: a quantitative study Akira SEGAWA Japan
16:40~17:00 MOC05 Teachers' perspectives of a new food literacy curriculum for senior secondary school students in Australia Janandani NANAYAKKARA Australia
17:00~17:20 MOC06 Evaluation of the Senior High School Program Based on the Required Competencies of the BS Clothing Technology (BS CT) Program Leynard Leal GRIPAL Philippines

Health and Well-being
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


16:00~16:20 MOD01 Role and Competence Standards of Social Work Case Manager for Geriatrics and Disabilities in Thailand Ampairat AKSORNPROM Thai
16:20~16:40 MOD02 Home-based care service demand of Changchun Ying WU China
16:40~17:00 MOD03 Health care for the elderly in urban area: A case study in Nanjing, China Wei ZHOU China
17:00~17:20 MOD04 Application of Social Marketing Principles in a Home Economics Context Kathryn MCSWEENEY Ireland

Home Economics Education
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


16:00~16:20 MOE01 Food and Consumer Education: Engaging flipped classroom in the teaching of Singapore food culture Chiew Inn ONG Singapore
16:20~16:40 MOE02 Collaborative Learning in Science and Technology Education: Understanding nutrition labeling through cake making Man Man LAU Hong Kong
16:40~17:00 MOE03 Japanese Culture in Bento Competition for Junior High School Students Miho KAWAMURA Japan
17:00~17:20 MOE05 Dimensions of Taste Qualifying Didactic Reflections on Home Economics Education Lars QVORTRUP Denmark
17:20~17:40 MOE06 Tradition and innovation in Danish children's cookbooks Karen WISTOFT Denmark

ORAL PRESENTATION 2 (Tuesday, August 8, 2017)

Nutrition and Food Science
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


14:00~14:20 TOA02 Prediction of optimal cooking conditions during beef pan-frying Saori HIRONO Japan
14:20~14:40 TOA03 Effects of salmon nasal cartilage proteoglycan as a useful therapeutic agent, cosmetics and functional food
14:40~15:00 TOA04 Organoleptic Evaluation of Herbal Enriched Rice (Oryza Sativa) Tea Anna Marie Directo BARROGA Philippines

Consumers and Sustainable Development
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


14:00~14:20 TOB01 Factors of university students choice of style when going to university Yukie TSUJI Japan
14:20~14:40 TOB02 Knowledge and Motivation as Determinants of the Practice of Consumer Responsibilities Kristine Alaine Marquez
14:40~15:00 TOB03 Teaching and learning sustainable food consumption in Singapore schools Johannah SOO Singapore
16:00~16:20 TOB04 A study of sustainable life management in agricultural, mountain, and fishery villages in Japan
and information access of women farmers
Misako KASUYA Japan
16:20~16:40 TOB05 Effects of community farming program on changing consumers' food purchase intention: Case study
of Higashiosaka city, Japan
Misa AOKI Japan

Home Economics Education
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


14:00~14:20 TOC01 Educational effectiveness of multilingual Kateika guide book to understand Japanese life culture Yoko ITO Japan
14:20~14:40 TOC02 Development and Innovation of Home Economics-Nutrition Education in Centurial Ginling College Bang-Quan JIN China
14:40~15:00 TOC03 The development and effect of video material designed to observe media utilization for
junior high school students in Japan
Megumi OKUTANI Japan
15:00~15:20 TOC04 Try-on Yukata classes aiming to transmit Kimono culture Sachie OYA Japan
16:00~16:20 TOC05 A Knowledge Transfer Project on Intergenerational Transmission of Traditional Chinese Food and Family Culture
Wai Ling Theresa LAI YEUNG Hong Kong
16:20~16:40 TOC06 A Study of Lesson Development for Protection and Transmission of Washoku Japanese Food Culture Focusing on Miso Nami FUKUTOME Japan
16:40~17:00 TOC07 A Study on the Structure of Teaching in Home Economics Education in China Xiaomin WEI Japan
17:00~17:20 TOC08 Stuty on vocational training problems of Family services workers and countermeasures ------Taking
Jilin province in China as a Case
Qiang XIAO China

Home Economics Education
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


14:00~14:20 TOD01 Service Learning in Home Economics Education: An Analysis of a Questionnaire to the Educators in the U.S. Keiko MASUDA Japan
14:20~14:40 TOD03

Service Learning: An innovative approach using home economics to address challenges of sustainable living

16:00~16:20 TOD04 Opportunities for students meaning making regarding sustainable food consumption in Home and Consumer Studies classroom.
Lolita ERIKSSON Sweden
16:20~16:40 TOD06 Home Economics for Sustainable Living: A Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for Community Development Suzanne PISCOPO Malta

Government and Public Policies
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


14:00~14:20 TOE01 Perspective on the Impact of a Four-day Class Schedule: The Ispsc Experience Desa Directo ABAYA Philippines
14:20~14:40 TOE02 Research on status of the aged trend and old-age care service system construction in China Tonggang ZENG China
14:40~15:00 TOE03

A Comparative Study on the Fiscal and Tax Policies for the Development of Family Service Industry in
Jiangsu and Other Five Provinces

Xiaoyan XIONG China
16:00~16:20 TOE04 The Effect of Universal Two-Child Policy on Women's Employment Quality in China
Ruojing WANG China
16:20~16:40 TOE05 Issues Regarding the Right of Donor-Conceived Offspring to Know Their Origin: Analysis of the Cases of Japan
and Victoria, Australia
Takako MINAMI Japan
16:40~17:00 TOE06 Comparison Study on Intermal Migration in Japan Masatoshi KAIMASU Japan

ORAL PRESENTATION 3 (Monday, August 9, 2017)

Nutrition and Food Science
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


11:00~11:20 WOA01 Inhibitory effects of dietary soy isoflavone on contact hypersensitivity in mice Takao NAGANO Japan
11:20~11:40 WOA02 Eating Habits of Teenagers in the Schools of Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea Monica KOMI Papua New Guinea
11:40~12:00 WOA03 Relationship of the elderly nutrition knowledge and their education level in Nanjing Chen LIU China
12:00~12:20 WOA04 Learning about the Food Cycle of Farming, Cooking, Savoring, and Discarding in a Campus Setting Momoko KURITA Japan

Consumers and Sustainable Development
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


11:00~11:20 WOB01 A Study on Consumer Intention to Use O2O (Online to Offline) Services Seungsin LEE Korea

Information and Technology for Living
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


11:20~11:40 WOB03 A Case Study: User Affective Preference of Interior Lighting in Selected Condominium Spaces Lizza Magdalena
11:40~12:00 WOB04 Money Management Practices of Indigenous Household Managers Nel Bryan Carino

Home Economics Education
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


11:00~11:20 WOC01 Home Economics and Liberal Arts Education: What and how we should educate young women of today? Hisao KURODA Japan
11:20~11:40 WOC02 Application Peer Tutors Methods to Improvement Efforts as a Student Learning Outcomes in Mathematics Subjects Dewi LUTFIATI Indonesia
11:40~12:00 WOC03 Home Economics Education in Youthreach in Ireland Mami OMOTE Japan
12:00~12:20 WOC04 What do elementary school students think about applying their basic daily life skills in their lives? Noriko WATASE Japan

Health and Well-being
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


11:00~11:20 WOD01 Human age estimation based on Gaussian mixture model using health checkup data Takao FURUKAW Japan
11:20~11:40 WOD03

Control of Eating Behavior and Physical Activity for Adolescent with Overweight and Obese through Counseling

Maspiyah MASPIYAH Indonesia

Housing and Environment
Room Time No. Title Presenter Country


11:00~11:20 WOE01 Nepalese parent's and primary school children's awareness about safety of school environment after devastating earthquake 2015 Nirmala UPRETI Nepal
11:20~11:40 WOE02 Research on countermeasures vulnerable people in case of disaster Yoriko SENUMA Japan
11:40~12:00 WOE03

Future Proofing Everyday Spaces of the Home: The Accessoria Houses of The Philippines

Rachel Baltazar

POSTER PRESENTATION 1 (Monday, August 7, 2017) : 9:30-1700
Discussion Time: 13:00-14:00 (Discussion time has been changed.)

1. Information and Technology for Living
No. Title Representative Country
MPF01 Reviewing Eating Habits Using Video Summarization of Eating Scenes Jun TAKAMATSU Japan
MPF02 A Sensing Technology for Thermally Comfortable Environment using Infrared Thermography Hiroko KUBO Japan

2. Children and Families in Society
No. Title Representative Country
MPF03 The Effects of Romantic Relationships on University Students' Life Miyuki OKADA Japan
MPF04 Changing in junior high school students' feeling for their parents among experience in early childhood education and care in Japan Akane KANOUCHI Japan
MPF05 Family of Origin and College Students?Career Decision : A Taiwanese Sample Kang-Lin YANG Taiwan
MPF06 The contents and individual difference of eye-poionting.- 6 sets of mother and infants interaction at eye-pointing period. Sumika MIYATSU Japan
MPF07 Actual state of multicultural family support centers in Korea and related issues - From interviews conducted at Multicultural Family Support Centers Hyojung JUNG Japan
MPF08 Material development for 'Home Nursing' in 'Kateika' for pre-service teachers Kiyomi KURAMOCHI Japan
MPF09 Dual disadvantages ?Wellbeing of the divorced Taiwan Wei-Shiuan JENG Taiwan
MPF10 College Students' Self-esteem and Interpersonal Attachment : A Chinese Sample Yi Ning HUANG Taiwan
MPF11 Recognition of Japanese mothers regarding the raising of children at home and their actions Masako OKANO Japan
MPF12 Parental beliefs about making Bento and diet behaviors of children Shoko ASAHARA Japan
MPF13 Gender Differences in Neuroticism, Body Image, and Marital Satisfaction of Married Adults in Taiwan Yu-Ting HUANG Taiwan
MPF14 Relationships between Single People's Shyness and Loneliness Yu-Ting HUANG Taiwan
MPF15 The perspective of community child-reaing supprt in Japan; Analysis of the interview for childcare nurse Haruna YOSHIKAWA Japan
MPF81 A Study of Sustainable Childcare Support for Deaf Women in Japan:A cese Analysis of Interview Survey Hitomi YOSHIDA Japan

3. Nutrition and Food Science
No. Title Representative Country
MPF16 The effect of purified-camellia oil administration on liver and plasma composition in mice. Daichi OIKAWA Japan
MPF17 Periods of interruption of training to maintain skills of taste analytical sensory panel Satomi MARUYAMA Japan
MPF18 The relationship between referring to food labels and eating behavior among female university students Saori SHIMADA Japan
MPF19 Trend of research on relationships between plate and food: Comparison of Japan and other countries Natsumi SASHIDA Japan
MPF20 Chronological change of sensory evaluation characteristics of rice Akiko KOIZUMI Japan
MPF21 Preparation of Ryukyu confections "Chinsuko" by using several kinds of oil and fat Akiko NARITA Japan
MPF22 Effect of components in seasoning liquid on softening of Japanese radish Yoko SATO Japan
MPF23 Influence of the variations in the quantity of water added on the quality of white sorghum flour bread Kyoko TSUCHIYA Japan
MPF24 A Compare of bread making properties adding fatty acid and fatty acid salt Takashi HAMAISHI Japan
MPF25 Quality characteristics, physical properties, and chemical composition of the traditional Chinese product "Pidan" Minako KUDO Japan
MPF26 Novel submerged rice koji with sesame enhanced by acid-stable α-amylase activity Shohei MATSUO Japan
MPF27 Examination of the texture for sliced bread by a trained and untrained panel Ayako SHIMIZU Japan
MPF28 Nutrition education trial combined with the ultrasound bone density measurement at public school Katsura OMORI Japan
MPF29 Ultra Fine Bubble Water Prevents Impaired Glucose Tolerance or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Kazuhiro KUBO Japan
MPF30 Attempts to improve anemia and dietary habits of high school girl students Satoko OKABE Japan
MPF31 The effect of half-dry processing under the sunlight on umami taste for vegetables Chika KITAOKA Japan

4. Clothing and Design
No. Title Representative Country
MPF32 Mordant-free dyeing with the skin of beech nut extraction Noriko FUKUDA Japan
MPF33 Measurement of Phosphorescent Luminance by Three Foundation Weaves Using Different Types of Phosphorescent Yarns Miwa ONODERA Japan
MPF34 Kimono in the Stage Costumes of the Geisha Yukiko KOMEIMA Japan
MPF35 A study of makeup through the analysis of facial symmetry Nana SUEOKA Japan
MPF36 A Study of the Japanese Traditional Handicraft "Tsumami-zaiku" Yuri OTSUKA Japan
MPF37 Mother and daughter consumption in the modern fashion in Japan Akiko YAMAMURA Japan
MPF38 Characteristics of the cellulose nanofiber coatings on cellulosic fabrics Natsuki SHIRAI Japan
MPF39 Hannah Hates Fashions, a domestic servant's ideas of dress, gender and career between 1854 and 1873 Taeko SAKAI Japan
MPF40 The proposal of a new style of Kimono Dress Costume (1) On the possibility of wearing as a uniform Hitomi IKEDA Japan
MPF41 The proposal of a new style of Kimono Dress Costume (2) Shape and sewing Masako KOBAYASHI Japan
MPF42 The proposal of a new style of Kimono Dress Costume (3) Image of patterns and colors in textile Hiroko MURATA Japan
MPF43 Thermal Comfort and Motional functionality in Traditional Asian Garments Mariko SATO Japan
MPF44 A Study of Evaluations of Feelings of Comfort while Wearing Tight Skirts Kaori MURAKAMI Japan

5. Housing and Environment
No. Title Representative Country
MPF45 The Potential for the Maintenance of Vacant Houses by Local Residents in Areas with Traditional Wooden Houses Makiko FUJIHIRA Japan
MPF46 Practical Study on Japanese Traditional Living and Housing Culture for International Visitors, Using Displays in the Museum of History Tomoko USUDA Japan
MPF47 Study on the Residential Support for Single Parent Families Leaving the Maternal and Child Living Support Facilities Yurika KANAZASHI Japan
MPF48 Suspended particulate matter in Nordic cities -- A comparison with that of Asian cities-- Eiko NAKAYAMA Japan
MPF49 Case study of the renovation of the traditional house In order to continue to live in the traditional house Junko MURATA Japan
MPF50 Research on Current Situation & Influential Factors of Children's Living Environment Yongsheng ZHANG China
MPF51 Survey on seasonal variation of living environment of temporary housing in Ishinomaki-City, Miyagi Prefecture Ikuko BAMBA Japan
MPF52 The changes in dwelling and shops as seen from the ideal way of living in shopping districts in Nara, Japan Feixue WANG Japan

6. Consumers and Sustainable Development
No. Title Representative Country
MPF53 Developing ESD Lessons on the Use of Clothing to Protect Against Ultraviolet Exposure  Yoko SHINOHARA Japan
MPF54 Development of New Home Economics Classes from the Perspective of ESD: Considering Practical Results in Junior High School Sono SATO Japan
MPF55 Development of teaching material for the education of consumer legal literacy for consumers as civic education Kumiko OHMOTO Japan
MPF56 Consumption behaviors, concept changes, and customer experiences in the period of social transition Xufan ZHANG China
MPF57 Desire and contemporary city: A study on urban space consumption behavior Suhyoung AHN Korea
MPF58 The Development of Teaching Materials for Consumer Education realizing Sustainable Consumption using Regional Traditional Culture in the Clothing Life Tomoko AKATSUKA Japan
MPF59 A study on the platform for the community activation and sustainability by using the agricultural networking center in Miyoshi, Japan Taeko YANAI Japan

7. Home Economics Education
No. Title Representative Country
MPF60 Development of a Practical Teaching Program Based on the ALACT Model in a Teacher Training Course Takako KOSHIMIZU Japan
MPF61 A tentative plan of Citizenship Education Curriculum in Home Economics Education from Elementary through Junior High School Keisuke DOKI Japan
MPF62 Ceremony of marriage described in lecture book of discipline dojo performed in Okutama, Senmayacho, Ichinoseki, Iwate prefecture Hideko TAKAHASHI Japan
MPF63 The Effect of Subject Matters of Home Economics to Cultivate the Risk Management Sachiko AOKI Japan
MPF64 Issues Related to the Current Situation and Study of Cooking in Home Economics Education in Japan Mitsue NONAKKA Japan
MPF65 Development of Home Economics Lifestyle Culture Lessons in Japan Yuko KAMEI Japan
MPF66 The Practice of Hospitality Education in Japan Focusing on Japanese Traditional Cultures Yuko HANE Japan
MPF67 University Students' Learning Experience of Home Economics and "Learning Relevance" Regarding Home Economics Tomoko FUJITA Japan
MPF69 A Lesson Study Model Proposed for Home Economics Education Mayuko SUZUKI Japan
MPF70 Analysis of College Students' Affective Images of Children before and after Interacting with Actual Children Azusa GONDA Japan
MPF71 Continuous Professional Development of Home Economics Teachers through Informal Workshops Kaoru HORIUCHI Japan
MPF72 A Study on Elementary School Teacher Training Course Students Taste of Pure Fruit Juice and Their Lesson Plans Masako MURO Japan
MPF73 Japanese Junior High School Students' Bento(lunch box) with local products Tomoko MOCHIZUKI Japan
MPF80 Nurturing Career Paths in Home Economics among Japanese High School Girls Kiyomi ARAI Japan

8. Health and Well-being
No. Title Representative Country
MPF75 Effects of Psychographics Predictors of Food Knowledge among Zambian Consumers Veronica MULENGA Zambia
MPF76 Eating Behaviors and Work Engagement Mamiko KUROTANI Japan
MPF77 Development of traditional local Japanese cuisines favorable also for young generation Toshiko FUKUNAGA Japan

9. Government and Public Policies
No. Title Representative Country
MPF78 Socialization of Domestic Labor and Time Spent Doing Household Work Etsuko SAITO Japan
MPF79 Subjective Happiness and Life Satisfaction among Japanese Family Caregivers Naomi SUZUKI Japan

POSTER PRESENTATION 2 (Tuesday, August 8, 2017) : 9:30-1700
Discussion Time: 13:00-14:00 (Discussion time has been changed.)

1. Information and Technology for Living
No. Title Representative Country
TPF01 Public Attitude Change toward Genomics, Science and Technology in Japan Izumi ISHIYAMA Japan
TPF02 An Exploratory Study on Consumer IoT Technology Experience and Perception Bohan LEE Korea

2. Children and Families in Society
No. Title Representative Country
TPF03 Factors related to concrete dietary experiences that affect zest for living among female university students Misato YASUOKA Japan
TPF04 A lesbian coming out to their siblings: A case study in Taiwan Pei-Yu HUANG Taiwan
TPF05 Changes and Issues for Enriching Preschool Children's Play Environment Before and After the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident Miho SATO Japan
TPF06 ICT Use for Gathering Information on Child Care: A Comparison between Japan and Korea Mika OMAGARI Japan
TPF07 The Effects of the Satisfaction of Adolescent Extracurricular Activity on Social Withdrawal: The Mediating Effect of Self-Esteem and Sense of Community Yeonsoo CHO Korea
TPF08 Current Trends and Issues of Potential Nursery Teachers in Japan Nan LIU Japan
TPF09 Transformation of the consciousness of Junior High School Students by Interacting with a Kindergarten Child Yu ITO Japan
TPF10 What Are 3-year-old Children Talking about During the Lunch Time? Chinatsu YOSHIZAWA Japan
TPF11 A Study on the Factors Related to the Home Environment for Preschoolers: Korea vs. U.S. Young Eun CHANG Korea
TPF12 Realities of working conditions of female teachers in managerial positions indicated by a time-use survey Yukiko SATO Japan
TPF13 The Effects of Mothers' and Children's Emotional Instability on Children's Attributional Style: The Mediating Effects of Affection-rational Parenting Ah-Reum HAN Korea
TPF15 Effects of Mother's Emotional Expressiveness, Ambivalence over Emotional Expressiveness and Preschooler's Emotion Regulation on the Preschooler's Problem Behavior Jin-Suk LEE Korea

3. Nutrition and Food Science
No. Title Representative Country
TPF16 The amount of L-DOPA in various kinds of cooked products of Mucuna beans (Hasshomame) and its palatability Takako KORIYAMA Japan
TPF17 Prospect of assistance to the school meal promotion programme in La district of Oudomxay province, Lao PDR Masako TAKAMASU Japan
TPF18 Functional Sweet Potato Smoothie Developed for Older Adults with Impaired Masticatory Ability Huei-Ju WANG Taiwan
TPF19 Proposed conditions for the preparation of doughnuts to help inhibit the generation of acrylamide Rie KOBAYASHI Japan
TPF20 Color retention of green tea using the aggregation effect of chlorophyll Midori YASUDA Japan
TPF21 Most effective conditions of size and volume of potatoes in boiling process based on a porous model Tomoko HARA Japan
TPF22 Psychological effects of dish rim line thickness on the visual palatability of meals for individuals with low vision Keiko TOMITA Japan
TPF23 The characterization of taste and nutrient content of rock oysters (Crassostrea nippona) Masahiro YUASA Japan
TPF24 Timing of diet during daily circadian rhythm affects the post-diet recovery of hypothalmic function in the young female rats Tomoko FUJIWARA Japan
TPF25 Sensory comparisons between fresh and instant bonito-kelp stocks in Japanese dishes Yoko OKAMOTO Japan
TPF26 Sensory Qualities and Shelf Life Determination of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata) Brownies Ma. Jesusa Corazon M. LAMBERT Philippines
TPF27 Relationship between the self-rated health of young females and their weight control behaviors Mitsuko NISHIMURA Japan
TPF29 GPR120 activation by gut microbial metabolites of polyunsaturated fatty acids Shoko HONGO Japan
TPF30 Setting Style and Relationship of Color and Physiological Effect of Ingredients used for 'Pyeon' of Jong-ga Ancestral Ritual Food in Korea Young-Eun LEE Korea
TPF31 Flavor characteristics of various colored tomato fruits. Yoko IIJIMA Japan

4. Clothing and Design
No. Title Representative Country
TPF32 A study of supporting activation of a local industry through dressmaking Akane OTA Japan
TPF33 Acceptance of Gathers and Ruffles Adaptation on Apparel Dalilah RUBI Malaysia
TPF34 Characteristics of clothing improvement in the Taisho era of Japan Kayoko FUMA Japan
TPF35 The Ease of Dressing/Undressing and Mobility while wearing Conventional Protective Clothing: A Need for Change in the Pattern Design Yukiko UCHIDA Japan
TPF36 Extraction of 3D Body Curved Surface Shape in Japanese Adult Females for 3D Garment Draping and Design Tomoe MASUDA Japan
TPF37 Kobukuro no Kokoro( A study of the pouch as a gift on woman's 88th birthday) Naomi YOKOTA Japan
TPF38 Influence of chemical fiber on allergic dematitis Chiyomi MIZUTANI Japan
TPF39 Young Male Vintage Clothing Maniacs' Consumption Culture and Motivations Ka-Man Carmen LI Korea
TPF40 Male consumers' perceived consumption values of premium puffer coat Seyun KWON Korea
TPF41 Why Adults Consume Like Kids?: A Grounded Approach Eunjung SHIN Korea
TPF42 Design using traditional materials: washable washi and paper fabric Ikumi YAZAWA Japan
TPF43 Sportswear for ballgames of Schoolgirls around 1900 Yuka KODA Japan
TPF44 A Practical Study on Clothing Design Utilizing Virtual-Audiovisual Environment Called Service Design Prototyping System SPS Yumiko MIZUTANI Japan

5. Housing and Environment
No. Title Representative Country
TPF45 Creative attitude towards disaster reduction by playing picture story show Mari TANAKA Japan
TPF46 A Case Study of a Shared House Which Take in Domestic Violence Victims Kinuyo SUGINO Japan
TPF47 Education for Living to be Aware of Disasters Tomomi KUWABARA Japan
TPF48 Study on residence of Mongolian in the Hinggan Leagu Horqin right front banner tabun ger gachaa Jiao YU China
TPF49 Resident's responses and consciousness regarding the flood damage in Thailand - The case of Chiang Mai City Phaphorn CHAIMUK Japan
TPF50 Research on the Shift Residence in Alxa Area of Inner Mongolia Arong ZHAOLE Japan
TPF51 Study on the method of regulation of thermal environments in consideration of saving-energy Naomi SASSA Japan
TPF52 A case study on the thermal environments and daily living habits of the elderly for preventing heat disorders Michiyo AZUMA Japan

6. Consumers and Sustainable Development
No. Title Representative Country
TPF53 Japanese Households' Financial Condition by Life Stage Nobuko NGANGA Japan
TPF54 How to promote the household account book keeping activity in agricultural rural area: through the interview of extension workers Junko SHIGEKAWA Japan
TPF55 A study to understand the perception of financial sustainability of young adult in Singapore. Hui Qi OH Singapore
TPF56 The Dimensions of Ethical Consumption Behavior and Ethical Self-identity Yeunwook SHIN Korea
TPF57 A "Consumer Education" Lesson for University Students and its Effect on Achieving a Sustainable Environment and Consumption Hiroko KAMATA Japan
TPF58 Study for customer satisfaction of non-similar extended foods. Kyoung Young KIM Korea
TPF59 Discussions on improving job awareness of the consumer counseling service in Korea Eunhee LEE Korea
TPF60 Framework, Issues and Challenges for IRC(ICT Retail Convergence) by Consumer Purchase Process Eunsun CHO Korea

7. Home Economics Education
No. Title Representative Country
TPF61 Topics of study sought by Home Economist and Home Economics educators Miki TAKIGAWA Japan
TPF62 Fostering Competencies Required in the 21st Century by Innovating in Home Economics Classes -Through learning how to choose laundry detergent- Hideaki KIKUCHI Japan
TPF63 Lessons of "Organizing and Cleaning" Using the Activity "Circulation Clock" in an Elementary School for Sustainable Consumption Masae UENO Japan
TPF64 Lessons of "Meal for Family" Using the Activity "Assertion" in an Elementary School for Sustainable Construction of Relationships Masae SHOUHO Japan
TPF65 Impact of the East Japan Great Earthquake on high school students' life awareness Midori OTAKE Japan
TPF66 The school meal programme in Laos and the role of the Lao Women's Union Haruko AMANO Japan
TPF67 The validity of Home Economics in the welfare field by the service learning Hiromi TAZAKI Japan
TPF68 A Study of Teaching Materials for Kateika Home Economics Practical Cooking Lessons on Cutting Analysis of Textbooks Kiyoko IKARASHI Japan
TPF69 Development of teaching materials for protecting and inheriting traditional "Washoku" culture Shin-Ichiro MITSUNAGA Japan
TPF70 Enviromental Education for College Students in the Northern Kyoto,Japan Toshifumi SASAI Japan
TPF71 Qualifications for Supporting Individuals and Families in Japan Ayako KURAMOTO Japan
TPF72 Class practice included activity supporting students' "interaction" to improve critical thinking in home economics Yoshikazu TSUCHIYA Japan
TPF73 An Examination of Educational Practices to Promote Coexistence and Understanding of Human Diversity: From the Perspective of Universal Design Eriko MATSUOKA Japan

8. Health and Well-being
No. Title Representative Country
TPF74 Premenstrual symptoms and lifestyle/health related factors in young Japanese women Yasumi KIMURA Japan
TPF75 Informal Social Support and Quality of Life among Widowed Older Adults in Taiwan Shun-Tzu LIN Taiwan
TPF76 Examination of the actual status and relationship of smell and taste of maintenance hemodialysis patients Naoko SHIROTA Japan
TPF77 Promotion both Natural Environment and Health: Reciprocal relationship between NO3- and Vegetables. Yuko TOKUNO Japan
TPF80 The Relationship between Physical/Oral Function and Eating Habits in the Frail Elderly Hiroko MORIWAKI Japan

9. Government and Public Policies
No. Title Representative Country
TPF78 Study on approach to poor families in community child rearing support in Toronto City, Canada Yukiko OTANI Japan
TPF79 A Study on the revitalization plan of weighing system monitored by consumers in Korea. Eunhee LEE Korea